The Growth of Information Technology and Communication

The growth of information technology and communication


Muhammad Darwis, 2009. The growth of information technology and communication (TIK) or more popular ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) have given influence to education world specially in studying process. With the usage growth of ICT, at least happened five friction in studying process they are; (1) training to emergence, (2) from class room to where on earth and any time, (3) from paper to “on line” or channel, (4) from physical facilityto net working, and (5) from cycle time to real time. Its fact, around 1960th, technology that was used only using materials print, later then in the 1970th when television technology have been familiar by society in general, so this technology is also exploited for the education need. Hereinafter, in decade 1980th growth of technology still going on especially computerization area, and even when internet start to be exploited, hence internet is also made as study media. The thing thet we must comprehend now is that growth of technology is not threat and barrier but challenge; growth of technology is not difficulty but amenity. When consciously teacher as educator vigor comprehend the importance exploiting of ICT, hence what becoming the target of that is the improvement of quality of study will be better, that it is not impossible when all participant and educator mastering ICT, so it can relate both of them


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