“Quadratic Function Card”

Posted by husnulkhuluq | Mathematics | Friday 15 April 2011 14:30

The post is made as the completeness of my Microteaching instructional packages

Objective: Increasing students’ ability in identifying graph of quadratic function based on its algebraic properties
Checking the students’ understanding toward the lesson they learned

Sample Card

Play Guidance
1. Teacher provides some cards on his table.
2. Teacher begins pin a card on the board.
3. Teacher calls a students’ number.
4. Every student (from each group) with that number comes in order (based on group’s order) to the teacher’s table and try to find appropriate card containing graph satisfying the condition.
5. The group whose delegation answers wrong will directly be eliminated from the game.
6. The group surviving until the card is over will be the winner.


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