What can I Learn from this Final Exam

Posted by husnulkhuluq | Galapagos | Wednesday 22 June 2011 13:00

well guys… I’ve just received the result of my hardest final exam this semester (say semester VI)..
Complex Analysis.. yeah that is it..

Unfortunately, i got unsatisfied score for that exam..
do you know, guys? I’ve tried my best for that exam.. and really I was so ready for that exam by the time it is going to be delivered

But I don’t know why the results could be so unsatisfied to me..
I was in REALLY HIGH BELIEF of getting much score for that exam..

Based on my own analysis,, accidentally analyzing,, the causes are:
– I was so scared to face that exam..
– I do think of my bad mid exam score,, which implies to the broken of concentration..
– I do rely on my self for that exam.. (study and try hard my self,, no such intensive consultation with the lecturer and friends)
– I do believe with my answer written in my paper without intensive checking
– I was so arrogant that I mastered the lesson sooner that my friends

do you know, guys..
MY mistakes are : 4 – 4 = 12, the sqrt of 1 + 1 = 2,, and arc tan sqrt of 3 is phi/6…
a very unfortunate mistakes.. even a child knows the true answer…

I just would like to apologize to the God, ALLAH SWT, for every mistake I did
Sorry to Mr. Ja’far for not doing the exam well, and disappointing you
Sorry to my Mother and Father for this really bad score
Sorry to my mate, matricisian for not broking the Matrics’s name..

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