Posted by husnulkhuluq | Galapagos | Monday 4 July 2011 16:23

Really unbelievable guys..
do you still remember my previous post?
’bout the very broken final exam i did..

the result was announced.. and i got A for that lecturer..
yeah.. i know it was out of my mind.. i never expect of getting that score, remembering my exam which was very bad, i think..

the lessons i draw from this event are:
– don’t jump into conclusion..
– believe in your self by the time you did your best..
– the God is not blind to see the efforts you did..
– keep struggling..
– do your best, and let the God judge your effort.. because Allah, the only God, is the best judge ever

yupp.. and now,, i’m still waiting for the results for the other 4 lectures i took this semester..
hope it good.. amiin

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