asal ada

haha… asal ada bbisa d upload dlu kodong… nanti pi sa update lagi.. masalahnya koneksi d t4 kkn ppl blah lumayan pacce… ckckck apa di’.. banyak iyya tawwa kegitan dilakukan di sini.. tapi lebih banyak kapang rekreasinya.. hahhhaha alay mi sede’ icp gitehh… nabilang nyobe barusan.. hahaha… dari pada ngomong ndak jelas.. mending d post […]

– One Day in SMA 1 Liliriaja –

yeah… the picture above is one of the pictures I took during the field teaching practice I did in SMA 1 LIliriaja… The Model applied in this picture is cooperative learning type team game tournament (TGT).. any way, the classroom setting is initially cooperative with almost homogenous achievement level for all the students in that […]

In the End of Ramadhan 1432 H

The article comes from my friend: Helmi Riyadushshalihin Renungan Akhir Ramadhan Aku lihat Ramadhan dari kejauhan Lalu kusapa ia, “Hendak Kemana?” Dengan lembut ia berkata, “Aku harus pergi, mungkin jauh, dan sangat lama” Tolong sampaikan pesanku untuk orang-orang mu’min: “Syawal akan tiba sebentar lagi, ajaklah SABAR untuk menemani hari-hari dukanya, Peluklah ISTIQAMAH saat dia kelelahan […]


i dunno what to say this just to complete the monthly archive of my post.. wkwk many events to join and/or handle this months.. – MTQ X IKAPSH (a year agenda held by IKAPSH, association of sulhas graduates).. I never imagine to be a committee in this event.. Since, as I remember, I was actively […]


Really unbelievable guys.. do you still remember my previous post? ’bout the very broken final exam i did.. the result was announced.. and i got A for that lecturer.. yeah.. i know it was out of my mind.. i never expect of getting that score, remembering my exam which was very bad, i think.. the […]

What can I Learn from this Final Exam

well guys… I’ve just received the result of my hardest final exam this semester (say semester VI).. Complex Analysis.. yeah that is it.. Unfortunately, i got unsatisfied score for that exam.. do you know, guys? I’ve tried my best for that exam.. and really I was so ready for that exam by the time it […]

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