Contextual Teaching and Learning for School

According to Johnson in Contextual_Teaching_and_Learning_Defined , the quest of Brain on meaning is in order to make connection between information that the owner has already had and that is something new. The power of brain to explore meaning that every object has is bridging every single person to develop their understanding about certain topic by making a link to other facts. There are eight strategies for facilitator such as teachers, instructors, and lecturers, who are interested in developing learning by contextual teaching and learning in the classroom, even in outside. Those are following that:

1. Making meaningful connections

2. Doing significant work

3. Self-regulated learning

4. Collaborating

5. Critical and creative thinking

6. Nurturing the individual

7. Reaching high standards

8. Using authentic assessment

It is commonly speaking for our teachers in the school to improve their skills and develop the knowledge. One of important information that is very helpful is the understanding of CTL because this one can support teachers when they are going to organize learning activities in the classroom. Amongst those strategies of CTL, I’m not sure if all of strategies are applied in certain time of learning organization. In fact, CTL as contextual teaching and learning can be organized to follow cyclical procedure in given action research. Before applying how good CTL is, we have to get understanding in-depth what kind of activities as example of those strategies above. This one is interesting topic since many users are not getting exactly meaning on it and we have to build understanding in the right knowledge of procedure. Therefore, let start to discuss about those strategies in this page.

Note: For my students, find out your part of topics by following this instruction that:

1. Reski Wati Salam will discuss about Making meaningful connections and Nurturing the individual

2. Ainul Yaqien Datu will discuss about Doing significant work and Nurturing the individual

3. Nur Hasbullah M. will discuss about Self-regulated learning and Reaching high standards

4. Erwin Hasan Amin will discuss about Collaborating and Using authentic assessment

5. Haslinda will discuss about Critical and creative thinking and Reaching high standards

Although there are two people having the same topic, it doesn’t mean you can write your paper cooperatively. Everybody have to prepare their own paper and explain your topic by referencing some related literature. After submitting your paper to my email ([email protected]), I am going to share your idea with other readers in virtual world and because of that I would like to read yours in Bahasa. Therefore, I hope you do this assignment better than I expected.

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