Number Theory

It is not reciprocal teaching where students and teacher are interchanging like in mathematics class, but this activity aims to trigger the ability of students that we may not know how really good they are. Thus, the opportunity for students by giving them times and responsibility of one topic about number theory discussion, they are going to share each other by presenting their idea about those topics in discussion session. There are some topics that students should be able to explain in the class as follows:

Hint: Dear Students, find your topic in this 104-number-theory-problems1 that you can download and create your slides of presentation that you are going to do in our class activities. My suggestion, you should choose any part of that topic and ask everyone, even me, to make clear if you have problem on it. Don’t be hesitate and keep your confident going on!


A Summary by Inggit Susilowati, ZULFADLI (summary of ardillah material), ABDUL SALAM, SUMMARY, Awaliyah Mustakim DIVISION ALGORITHM, Division Algorithm.LULU, Ria Rezeki-Summary of Division Algorithm, ramdhan nur cahyadi summary, summary division algorithm, Summary Division Algorithm by Fadli (1211441010), 1211441011 – SUMMARRY DIVISION ALGORITHM, summary fita, summary agung

2. The Fundamental Theorem by Fadli

3. 1211441011 Euclidean Algorithm by Muhammad Fathan

4. B ezouts Identity by Agung Maulana

5. modular arithmetic by Fivi Alvionita

6. Residue Classes by Kamelia Angka

7. Euler’s Totient Function by Awaliyah Mustakim

8. Multiplicative Function by Hairunnisa

9. Linear Diophantine Equation by Zulfadli

10. NUMERICAL SYSTEM by Besse Nurul Agustin

11. ppt floor function(1) by Hairunnisa Mahyuddin

12.  Legendre’s function by Ramdhan Nur Cahyadi

13. FERMAT NUMBER by Abdul Salam

14. Mersenne Numbers by Muhammad Yusran B.

15. Perfect Numbers by Nurmawaddah Rustam

16. The Number of Divisors by Inggit Susilowati

17. The Sum of Divisors by Sri Rahayu Ary D.

18. Divisibility Criteria in the Decimal System by Ria Rezeki

19. L.C.M by Dian Kharisma

20. Fermat’s Little Theorem and Euler’s Theorem by Fita Paramitha

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