PISA refers to program for Indonesian Student Assessment, this program focuses to improve Indonesian Student in mathematical ability that apply to solving problems of daily activity. It also enhance students to develop their capacity in order supporting themselves by mathematical activity.

As a teacher or who cares about mathematics for students, by this forum i hope your comments to discuss what do you know if there is problem like that exhibit below.

I look at  in  the book entitled  Patterns and Figures from Holt, Rinehart and Winston talking about Mathematics in Context that show problem below, what do you think for your students?

Here is a different strip made with the repeating pattern red – white – blue — red — white — blue.

The question that we can suppose is how can you figure out the color in the red-white-blue sequence for 253,679?

The problem like this  can support the children to think hardly or easily, it depends on their strategies first to find out the hole of the problem. Sometimes, the experience of trying out problem like this can be useful to make the brain to be rich of ways, then they may find the ways easily to the solution.

I had experienced to try out one problem of mathematics at SMP Negeri 1 Palembang. In the activity I tried out the problem of ordering soft drink that i hope students can be able to solve the problem by using Venn Diagram. The problem is

(Problem No. 1)

(Problem No. 2)

As a result, there are two different ways that students suppose on their answer-sheets. To solve the problem, they have chosen listing and Venn diagram. I think this case interesting to explore student’s knowledge how they can solve the open ended problem if they don’t know what they should use to solve it. look at some samples of their work below.

(Affiah’s Response)

(Muthiah’s Response)

Do you have any comment about their answers? or Do you disagree with their answer based on the problem?

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